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Researcher Research Area
Dr. Guan headshot
Xiaoqing Guan
My research focuses on the functional characterization of methyltransferase SMYD2 in inflammatory bowel disease and molecular identification of SMYD2 targets associated with colitis and colorectal cancer. To study SMYD2 functions and possible modification targets, I use several approaches and models, including culture of intestinal epithelial cell line and colon organoid, biochemistry and molecular analysis, as well as DSS-induced colitis animal model. The goal of my research is to understand the roles of epigenetic modification in colitis and colitis-associated cancer.
Dr. Hou headshot
Yuning Hou
I am working on a protein called SMYD5 (SET and MYND domain-containing protein 5), a methyltransferase that has been shown to methylate histones. This protein has been shown to regulate pro-inflammatory genes and cell stemness. My main research interest is the function of SMYD5 in inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). I am aiming to dissect the epigenetic and non-epigenetic roles of SMYD5 and how it is involved in the pathogenesis of IBD by exerting its histone and/or non-histone substrates.
Dr. Li headshot
Jian Li
Dr. Li’s research mainly focuses on the deficiency of a key component of NLRP3 inflammasome, ASC, which leads to the degradation of miRNA biogenesis effector AGO2 in adipose tissue, preventing neointima formation in carotid artery following vascular injury.
Dr. Mu headshot
Jing Mu
Dr. Mu’s research interests will be updated soon.
Dr. Sun headshot
Xiaonan Sun
Dr. Sun’s research interest will be updated soon.
Dr. Wu headshot
Yang Wu
Dr Wu has nine years of laboratory experience in Cellular Molecular Biology and Physiology.

Her current interests include the mechanisms of cardiovascular dysfunctions related to obesity, diabetes, atherosclerosis, vulnerable plaques aortic aneurysm, high blood pressure disorders and aging. Recent project focuses on cardiovascular disorders caused by different Apolipoprotein E (ApoE) isoforms with transgenic rat models.

Dr. Yu headshot
Chang-jiang Yu
Dr. Yu majored in pharmacology and studies the role of some regulators in the development of cardiovascular disease and live metabolic disease, major in cardiac hypertrophy and NAFLD. He has also published 3 papers in the journals of JAHA, Hypertension, and Hepatology, respectively.
Dr. Zhang headshot
Lingzue Zhang
Dr. Zhang’s research focuses upon “The research of TCR diversity of CD4+ T cell in heart failure” and ”The function and mechanism of TSLP in Tγδ17after acute cardiac infarction”. She possesses expert mastery of the model of cardiac infarction, langendorff perfusion, western bolt, RT-pcr, Immunofluorescence, Flow cytometry and can do mice cardiac ultrasound.
Dr. Zhao headshot
Qiang Zhao
Dr. Zhao is currently focusing on pulmonary hypertension, a potential lethal disease with the hallmark of obliterate vascular remodeling, resulting in right ventricular failure and ultimate premature death. The current proposed project is to investigate why and how endothelial hemostasis regulate pulmonary vascular remodeling and pulmonary hypertension.

Research Associate

Researcher Research Area
Ms. Ouyang headshot
Liu Ouyang
Ms. Ouyang’s research interest will be updated soon.


Affiliate Interest
Ms. Wu headshot
Wenqian Wu
Ms. Wu’s research interests will be updated soon.
Ms. Lu headshot
Yanqiao Lu
Ms. Lu’s research interests will be updated soon.

Grad Students

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Bernadine Panganiban
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Gem Johnson
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Hongmin Yao
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Jaehyun You
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Junqing An
Ms. An headshot
Sean Carr
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Shaligram Sharma
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Xiaomeng Shi
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Name Contribution
Ms. Zhao headshot
Zhengxing Zhao
Data coming soon
Ms. Rivera headshot
Zeidy Rivera
Responsible for making buffers, aliquoting media, as well as supplying and organizing inventory needed for research. Disposes and sterilizes biohazardous waste. Receives packages and distributes them throughout the lab. Enforces biosafety rules and maintains the laboratory space clean and organized.